Honest Beauty: Alex Bloom – “Sunrise”

Alex Bloom


Blue Room

A gorgeous song with a gorgeous video that accompanies it:  that really is a hard task to pull off.  Yet, the video for “Sunrise” is almost as beautiful as the song.  Alex Bloom is amazing.  He has crowded so much emotion into a short song, and Alexander Chung and Shyvon Campbell have brought that song to life.  According to Bloom’s bio:

During his senior year of USC Thorton School of Music, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Bloom decided to make a record.

Although he may be a 21st century artist, he naturally approaches music from a perspective honed by years immersed in classics from the flower power heyday. Holing up in Los Angeles’s New Monkey—the studio that once belonged to Elliott Smith—he emphasized a “live” approach and found the sweet spot between sixties-style psychedelic pop bliss, off-kilter instrumentation, and modern indie style. A breath of fresh air amongst today’s digitized landscape.

You can hear the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Elliot Smith (must be the ghost that still haunts the New Monkey), but all wrapped up in his own, unmistakable style.  Bloom’s voice is so beautiful, ethereal, McCartneyish, but so much his own.  Keep your eyes on this guy.  He is fresh and wonderful.

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