Hot Summer Fun: Zwerg – “Then There Was You”



“Then There Was You”

You want to dance your ass off this summer?  I’ve got the song that will make you jump onto the dance floor and have the time of your life.  Actor/Singer/Songwriter Zwerg has another song and video out, and if you are afraid of sexiness and hotness and beauty, don’t go here.  Zwerg has written and performed a great, sexy love song for the summer (and I think I know who it was written for, lucky person).  This song has everything that makes a dance hit:  a great beat; wonderful, beautiful vocals; and sexy, loving words.  This song will make you want to dance or make love or both.  It is that good.  If I heard this coming on, I would race to the dance floor.  Probably break a hip, but it would be worth.  Oh, and did I tell you Zwerg is super sexy, super talented, and super sweet.  And the video is one of the hottest videos ever.  No one wears gold lame like Zwerg.  I love this song, I love this artist.

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