Indie Pop As It Should Be: Thrillchasers – “Wildflower”

(Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez)



A Lot Like Love

Thrillchaser might have changed their from American Wolves, but they kept their wildness.  Sounding like a cross between She and Him and the Soupdragons while keeping their own sound, Thrillchaser is coming to control the pop charts and the dance floors of your local clubs.  This is great pop music, just what we’ve all been waiting for.  When “Wildflower” bursts from your radio, you will love the drive anywhere.  As Rob Lundy says:

“’Wildflower’ was the second song that we completely finished during the recording process for A Lot Like Love. The track centers around feelings of nostalgia while paying a lyrical homage to the late, great Tom Petty in the first verse. Essentially the song is about finally letting go and allowing yourself to live in the moment.”

Coming from Philadelphia and Providence, Thrillchaser is comprised of Rod Pires – Vocals/Guitar; Nikki Zell – Guitar/Vocals; and Rob Lundy – Bass/Synth/Vocals.  This is the great indie pop band we’ve been waiting for.

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