Industrial Summer: Echo Black – “Burn Another Day”

echo black

Echo Black

“Burn Another Day”

What a great, ass-kicking band.  Echo Black was formed last year as a pop/rock/industrial band by load vocalist, Danny Blu.  Echo Black is also comprised Felix Skiver on guitar, Rob Gnarly on bass, and Billy Long on drums.  These guys remind of NIN or Marilyn Manson in the way they grab you and kick your ears around.  These guys are serious about rocking.  Their musical inspirations range from basement punk to Frank Sinatra, and everything in between. The boys credit their unique, catchy, pop-flavored sound to their writing process; echoing one idea off another and, bouncing components around until the song begins to speak to them.  They have a new single out, “Perfect”, which previewed in Alternative Press, and it kicks out just as hard.  “Burn Another Day” is a great song, a great video, and the band’s look is wonderful.  This is a great summer song.


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