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Hava is an up and coming pop star in the music world and we have the interview here to show you just how ambitious and unique she is! This is one performer you’re going to want to keep an eye out for! Check out the full interview below and links to music and videos!

How you got started?

I started singing and performing when I was around the age of 6, I used the television remote as my microphone, the fireplace as my stage and my family as my fans. I have always turned to music as my outlet of emotions that otherwise I would of kept suppressed. I resulted in creatively writing to release my thoughts that I couldn’t put into words or to let go of battles I didn’t choose to fight. I attended French Woods Performing Arts Camp in Upstate New York and found a deeper love for music and the performing arts. I came home that summer to three presents from my parents a microphone, bass guitar and a unicycle, you can say that was the start of interesting chapters of my life. I enrolled into a music school called School of Rock where I was playing the drums, bass guitar and was a lead singer for a few different bands with kids of all ages. I was always the youngest but never failed to stand out, and not only because I was the only “rockstar” wearing her brothers baggy jeans and an Allen Iverson basketball Jersey but because I felt comfortable in front of a crowd and confident in the musical performance. With a whole lot of musical journeys in between, fast forward to last summer in LA I was approached with an opportunity to step into a recording studio and that’s when the real magic happened.

Who inspired you?

I’m constantly inspired by greatness, Women and men who reach their goals and go beyond excite me and validate that you have to believe you’re worth something and you will be something. My inspiration behind my creative mind is ultimately myself though, it’s the moments I’ve overcame, it’s the people that come to me for support and fuel me to get through some of my own obstacles in life, it is the relationships I build and the ones that fall apart. I think we need to realize that we can be our own source of inspiration, my mind is constantly performing and that is what inspires me to make all my dreams in plans.

On the second hand, I’ve always been inspired by my one and only older brother who exemplifies chasing after your dreams and not stopping until their achieved. Being apart of the LGBTQ community he has had to face major obstacles in his young 27 years of life but not once was their hesitation on working towards success and happiness. Throughout my life I have wanted to support him as well, by attending pride festivities since I was 9 and being exposed to such a courageous, high energy, loving community that comes together to celebrate life with music being the focal point at parades, bars, drag shows and concerts. The beauty of the LGBTQ community has inspired me to make music for everyone under the sun to vibe to.

How will you be unique?

This is a hard question to answer, everyone has a story behind who they are, my story is still unfolding. I am building a team of young creative minds that I’ve met through my college, University of Arizona to come together and be apart of the story. I find it thrilling as an artist to support other local and young artist. As far as obtaining uniqueness, my outlook is everything that goes around comes back around, I don’t put the focus on what will make me stand out and then do whatever that is, I just do what makes me feel like the best version of myself in that moment. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you say but how and who is saying it. I believe that everyone has their own individual purpose in this life and depending on how one finds and then expresses their purpose is what makes us all unique. But I can confidently say that there is no one like Hava.

What do you have planned in the future with your music?

Music allows me to share my voice through emotion, sound and stories, it is a vehicle for a larger message that I want to send out to the world. This world is filled with drama but when you turn my music on and tune out, you can escape to anywhere the lyrics or beat takes you. My future plans are to continue making an escape with my music and entertaining myself and my listeners. I have been working in the studio recording new songs that I am anxiously waiting to release and I am in my post production stage of visuals for mind games which should be released in the beginning of March. I want to explore my creative ability and push the limits of the purpose of music as a artist and consumer of it. I want to be able to create a platform to be able to speak out and speak up on pressing issues that we face in our society today. Being vegan for the last three years I want to give back and collaborate with the vegan community to help increase the number of consumers living a plant based lifestyle. I’ve always found personal power in music and writing. My future plans are to always use it as my backbone.

What does Hava mean?

I grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey as Dayna Wachman and wanted to enter the entertainment industry with a new identity. Chava is my Hebrew name that means “Women of all Women”, I am proud of my Jewish background but the reality of the world we live in held me back from being referred to as Chava. It was almost too ethnic for people of all races and cultures to relate to or want to share interest in, so I used a stem off of my given Hebrew name and chose Hava, still relating in the original meaning but more emphasis on life and breathe. I will be that breath of fresh air and will always exemplify a positive representation of women of all women.

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