Intimate Intelligent Music: Snir Yamin – “Taking” (Acoustic)

snir yamin

Snir Yamin

“Taking” (Acoustic)

Concrete City

Israeli singer-songwriter, Snir Yamin, releases his acoustic video, “Taking,” the first of his new weekly video series, Bedroom Sessions. “Taking” is the debut single from Yamin’s upcoming EP, Concrete City, which is set to release February 2016. There is nothing so intimate as an artist who takes the risk of bringing you into his bedroom to play music.  The only artist I know that is this good live and intimate is Brett Gleason.  Yamin has a voice like Damian Rice with a guitar style similar to Jose Gonzalez, yet a presence all his own.  You feel like he is singing just for you.  He actually reminds me of Paul Simon at his best (I Am A Rock). I wasn’t going to review this song, because I want it to be mine alone, that’s how much I love Yamin’s voice; but, that wouldn’t be fair.  Listen and fall in love.

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