Introspection: HOT MT – “Tranceforming”

Photo Cred: David Lekach




LA-based electronic due Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve (HOTT MT) has released their new album, AU.  Sounding like St. Etienne met Slowdive and decided to have a child, a very strange, inward-looking child.  I love their name, I love their sound, these two have everything.  Currently, the main HOTT MT consists of:  Ashi Dala and Spooki Tavi.  Their Auxilary Paladins (as they call them) are Shaki Tavi, Guitty Dryver, Chairman Towel, and E-Z.  Altogether, they make music that is so wonderfully introspective.  HOTT MT have it all.  So very great.  

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