It’s Time to POP with Salme Dahlstrom

salme dahlstrom

It has been quite a while since “C’mon Y’all” graced us in 2008. But the wait is over! The ever so edgy Salme Dahlstrom is back TODAY, 9-16-14, with PP2 “Pop Propaganda, Vol.2: Retro Soul Junction”. These six tracks each have their own vigor and are certainly destined to excite. Her music has tended to boost advertising potential for retailers and businesses worldwide seeking the thrill of pop. I’m confident this Swede will blast through our TVs soon again! Salme says it best herself in “Love + Shine”: “I don’t shy away / when push comes to shove” and it is quite obvious that Salme is here to reclaim her pop throne. No song can do that better than “Pop Ur Heart Out”. The album even includes 3 club remixes of this track, featuring SpekrFreks, DJ Phunkae and Quadrat Beat, all designed to keep your groove going all night long (and yes throughout the day as well). Dahlstrom claims to be “the new flavor of difference” in “Bodies in Motion,” but to any who have clicked their SoundHound to her songs on commercials and shows know her flavor all too well. If any diva can properly overuse the word babe it is Salme herself. Her energy simply is the lifeblood of any boy or girl. One thing is clear; this music comes from the heart of real NYC gal who knows what it means to live an artist’s life.

Go pop over and buy #PP2 now: and don’t hesitate to check her flashy site:

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