Jay-Z gave her lemons and Beyonce made #LEMONADE


To say Beyonce slays on her latest album is an understatement–she brings life back into the waning world of pop. Lemonade is a story from beginning to end about the life of a woman that has grown up, loved, hurt, been independent, and survived. But Beyonce isn’t just singing about and for herself–she’s singing for every woman.

“You can taste the dishonesty its all over your breathe…” passionately roll off Beyonce’s tongue with disdain on “Pray You Catch Me” and then eloquently slide into a prayer and plead for rescue. Then we hit the calm before the storm with “Hold Up”, a calypso and fancy free track that has Beyonce questioning her own sanity and marriage to Jay-Z in a blunt but classy way. If “Hold Up” is the calm, “Don’t Hurt Yourself” is the storm! Beyonce is supported by Jack White on this fiery, raucous, and enraged song. White, who’s handled infidelity in his own marriage, paints the perfect musical landscape here as Beyonce rages through it lyrically and vocally. “Sorry” is Beyonce’s ‘done and over’/moved on song. Beyonce passionately vocalizes her frustrations with her marriage to Jay-Z and the infamous mention of ‘Becky with the good hair.’ “Formation”  is the singer’s proclamation for a new chapter as she sings “let’s get in formation” with no mention of her past relationship–time for something new (or someone).

To say this album is solely about Beyonce’s relationship with Jay-Z would be a travesty. Lemonade is a statement for all women, African Americans, daughters, sisters, lovers and beyond. Beyonce created a visual masterpiece that will meld its way into the minds of millions.

Check out “Formation” below:

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