HNAF (Hot New Album Fridays): Jessie Ware Releases ‘That! Feels Good!’

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Jessie Ware, English singer-songwriter, has gained critical acclaim for her soulful, sophisticated pop music. Her music is characterized by her smooth vocals, elegant melodies, and polished production, which draw from a range of influences including R&B, electronic music, and jazz. That! Feels Good! is a defining moment in this incredible artist’s career. We are enamored with the work she has put out and how easily relatable she is in her passionate dance music.

Ware first rose to prominence with her 2012 debut album “Devotion,” which was a commercial and critical success, earning her a Mercury Prize nomination. Since then, she has continued to release a string of critically acclaimed albums, including “Tough Love” (2014), “Glasshouse” (2017), and “What’s Your Pleasure?” (2020). On this album Jessie Ware worked with producer Stuart Price, who has been responsible for Madonna (Confessions On A Dance Floor) and Kylie Minogue (Aphrodite) and Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, which all became huge albums.

One of the standout features of Ware’s music is her ability to craft catchy pop songs that are simultaneously introspective and emotionally resonant. Her lyrics often explore themes of love, longing, and self-discovery, and are delivered with a vulnerability and honesty that makes them feel genuine and relatable.

Jessie Ware is an incredibly talented artist with a distinctive sound and a knack for crafting memorable pop songs that are both stylish and emotionally powerful. Her music is well worth checking out for fans of soulful, sophisticated pop. See “Begin Again” below:

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