Just Another Night: Majorleans – “Sunrise Mary”


The Majorleans

“Sunrise Mary”

Carouser’s End

The Majorleans was founded by vocalist/guitarist,  Nicky Francis, who joined forces with Liverpool born, NYC resident guitarist/producer Chris Buckle (The Picture, Ocean Carolina). Francis is also the central figure in ambient, hip/hop project, Gold Clubb (a great band in its own right), and is a visual artist/fashion designer who is fresh off a successful collaboration with Banner Day, the new line from fashion designers Grahm Sisson and Kate Ciepulch (of Laveer fame).  With a sound that is like Lou Reed at his sunniest (think Sally Can’t Dance, I’m So Free) crossed with a little Dylan, a little Stones, and you got The Majorleans.  Very interesting, riff-laden duo that know how to play, sing, and write great songs.  Very New York, and that’s a good thing.

FEEL  Slightly Cold

SIGHT Darkish

HEAR  Lightness and Dark Combined

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