Keisza NOT Kesha

kiesza, hideaway, giant in my heart

Kiesza’s Debut EP has already delivered two heavily rotated house songs. but the remaining tracks on the album may give us a taste of some of the other routes Kiesza is going to take in order to reach the masses.


Hideaway – EDM, if I’m allowed to call it that without upsetting house music fans. She really gives us great songwriting on this track, mixed with super production, and a beat scheme that instantly makes your head bop to the “ooh ahhs”. With such a catchy hook, you almost forget the brilliance of the verses.

Giant In My Heart – We get more great songwriting here, alongside the catchy, wah do do do doo do dow. This gives me serious dance diva ballad, which is also extraordinarily written and produced. There is a disco flair, that happens to also be throwback-y in ways. The spoken word part in the middle, and the “my love” repetition, make this track for me.

So Deep – Sultry, slow, R&B feel. It’s a whole new sound from the first two on the EP. Super dirty, but super discrete.  Soft and whistle-y, she showcases her very distinct voice and range here.

-John Amaturo

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