Kick Ass Metal: Sunflower Dead – “Victim”

Sunflower Dead



This is no-holds-barred, balls to the wall metal.  There is no waiting period, no build-up in this song; no, Sunflower Dead gets down to business right away with that mean guitar over the heavy drums.  This is no mamby pamby band.  I love the fact that the energy continues even in the “quieter” moments of the song.  The band consists of Vocalist (and Accordion player) Michael Del Pizzo, Guitarist Jaboo, and Jamie Teissere (Droid), rounded out by Powerflo/Former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, and Brian “Brett” Weir, formerly of Starset, on drums.  With production by Dave Fortman, all the instruments are strong, the vocals are crystal clear, and nothing slows down.  This is the best Metal I’ve heard for a while.  Bang your head (yeah, I’m old).

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