Kick Ass Rock ‘n’ Rap: Shinobi Ninja – “Bang Bang!”

shinobi ninja

Shinobi Ninja

“Bang Bang!”

Finally, a video for one of my favorite bands.  Now you can see what I’ve been talking about.  Shinobi Ninja is comprised of Baby G (vocals), Duke Sims (vocals), DJ Axis Powers (turntables), Alien Lex (bass), Kid Shreddi (guitar) and Terminator Dave (drums). Prior to forming Shinobi Ninja in 2008, Baby G worked with major-label acts, including Rihanna, P.Diddy, Cassie and Santigold, as a singer and dancer. The twins, Terminator Dave and Kid Shreddi, ran their boutique recording studio, The Sound Machine, in Manhattan with Alien Lex. Duke Sims was a producer and engineer at Progressive Studios and DJ Axis Powers was an accomplished club and battle DJ.  Luckily for all of us, they combined their talents to become one of the great rap/rock bands ever.  As I said before, imagine Faith No More fronted by the multi-talented Baby G.  Besides being a great band musically, Baby G is also beautiful and has a voice that will kick your ass into tomorrow.  What chops.  WOW!!!!

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