LA Priest’s Sam Westgate and Connan Mockasin join forces w/ Soft Hair

soft hair, la priest, lying has to stop, connan mockasin, psychedelic, electronic

New Zealand’s Connan Mockasin and England’s Sam Eastgate (LA Priest and Late of the Pier) have joined forces to create their own unique psychedelic blend of weird and weirder with their new rock outfit, Soft Hair. What makes their current collaboration so interesting is that it is highly-listenable despite it being considered experimental psychedelic rock. Connan Mockasin’s distorted falsetto and Sam Eastgate’s crafty electronic work create the phoenix that is Soft Hair. Their first single “Lying Has To Stop” is a mix of psychedelic pop, rock, and even a hint of R&B in there. Check out the video below and leave your thoughts:

SOUNDS: The Bee Gees, Syd Barrett, and Gary Numan coincidental birth.

FEELS: Cute and Queasy

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