Latin Beat: The Labra Brothers – “Sin Solucion”

the labra brothers

The Labra Brothers

“Sin Solucion”

Anyone out there like their music with a Latin/island beat?  Who doesn’t.  The Labra Brothers, a band of brothers and their percussionists from my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio (ok, Canfield, but let’s not get too picky), have created a sound that is reminiscent of the best of late 60’s Santana and the very best of Ricky Martin (think of “La Vida Loca”).  This band, made up of Adrian Labra (guitars/vocals), Christian Labra (bass/vocals), David Labra (saxaphone/guitar/vocals), Matt Hayes (percussion/drums), and Bryan Teeters (percussion/drums), is wonderful.  I was amazed when I first heard Sin Solucion, I was dancing all around the house (so was my dog).  Keep it up guys.

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