LCD Soundsystem’s ‘American Dream’ = Masterpiece

To say that LCD Soundsystem created an absolute masterpiece with American Dream is an understatement quite frankly. American Dream is everything we’ve come to love about LCD Soundsystem in one record. The dance-punk-electronic-rock band deliver their finest work with this album full of “All My Friends”-like epic-ness and orgasmic synth beats. James Murphy along with synth player Nancy Whang, drummer Pat Mahoney and Hot Chip guitarist Al Doyle just scored their first No 1 album on Billboard 200, if that says anything.

After a six-year (and sorely missed) hiatus the band returns with a sonic masterpiece of dance-able, rock out music. “Other Voices” is one of the albums funkiest tracks that is full of highly-listenable synth hooks. Nancy Whang gives us an earful of candy on this track and Murphy chants “You’re still a pushover for passionate people”! While “How Do You Sleep?” is a psychedelic with booming synth hooks and echoed vocals from Murphy. The song starts with a slow build and then totally gets groovy at the end.

“Tonite” is easily the bands funkiest track paying homage to Human League and Yaz. The pulsating, squelchy synth bass hook that remains consistent through the song as Murphy gives off a satirical rant about the current state of pop music. “Emotional Haircut” is a total punk-rock song reminiscent to “Tired” from their first album. “Call The Police” is their most epic track in the same vain of “All My Friends.” While “Black Screen” is their homage to their late great friend David Bowie who pushed them to create music again. If it weren’t for Bowie, this album probably wouldn’t exist so lets thank the heavens for him.

Check out “Tonite” below:

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