Lil Kim Finally Delivers Her Hard Core 2K14 Mixtape


Hard Core, Lil Kim

John Bond


Lil Kim, Kiss, Hardcore

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I will start by saying that lyrically Kim slays this mixtape. She once again reminds us she is NOT a pop star, but Rap Royalty. When it comes to production, track length and sound quality, some things on this record went “Dead Wrong.”

The new Hardcore delivers, but only to true Lil Kim fans. After listening to the album several times over the last three days,  I was left wanting much more. After all the time we’ve waited, I was left slightly disappointed, and incredibly confused.

What could have been a great comeback for the often discredited Lil Kim, was instead an album that missed on many marks.

For all of us fans that were looking for Kim to shut down the “Haterz”, this mixtape falls short, as does the aforementioned track off the Hardcore Mixtape 2k14.

First off, for whatever reason, the track list that should’ve been released WAS NOT. This is where the production team made their first mistake. Where was the “Bad Bitch” track featuring Miley Cyrus? Where were the Flawless and Fancy Remixes? These were some of the tracks that could have showed that Kim could still be relevant in the mainstream Hip Hop climate.

This is what we got from Hardcore 2K14:
Lil Kim, Hard Core

This was the Track List released in 2013:
Lil Kim, Track List

Come on now. Where are the songs that made the first track list you released, back in 2K13? Twelve songs on a mixtape that could have easily been a 16 track record, giving fans more of what they wanted. Most of these tracks are less than 3 minutes, and the mixtape as a whole runs just over 30 minutes in total.

All in all, Kim gave us some good new music. There are some new tracks that I will play in heavy rotation. However, her production fell short and her sound was at times novice. The album sounds more like a collection of studio sessions, than a polished mixtape.  After all this pushback, that is what she needed to deliver.

I think if people were looking for industry Kim, they are going to hate this. I think if people were looking for the lyricist that we all know Kim to be, they will pump this mixtape, even with its shortcomings.


Dead Gal Walking By far the best track. A true club banger, this is street Kim, reminding us she can be hood, and still keep a mainstream sound.  Again too short, with another 16 bars and a little more sound play on the hook, this could have been a “new classic” Kim track.

Suicide feat French Montana Hard at the start, but production on this needed major refinement.  You’re getting more classic Kim; updated enough to make it relevant, yet giving us her veteran flow. French Montana delivers his verse on this track, but all in all, he doesn’t give it the push it needed.

Trendsetter Kim makes this track work. The second set of bars are some of the best on the mixtape. She shuts down all the trash talkers reminding us, “No album, no single, just your girl. I’m a trendsetter,  I do what I want, I do what I like.” And she has a point on this track. Good or bad, people are still talking about Kim. She only needs to worry when they stop.

Real Sick feat Jada Kiss (with a Biggie sample) Lyrically classic Kim.  Classic Brooklyn beats, but would have been nice if Kim and Jada did a collaborated 16 bars at the end.

Whenever You See Me feat. Cassidy Love this track. Finally, something on this record that is somewhat unique, yet commercially capable. More classic Kim with that Fugees beat, giving us a familiar hook to sing along.

Work the Pole –  The shortest track on the album. I LOVE HOW NASTY SHE IS. Rapping, “And you betta not cum quick, cause me and my girls love to suck dick.” It just needs so much more. Give me a real HARDCORE remix with Rihanna of this track, and it would make it Rated XXXtrodanary.

To hear the Hardcore Mixtape click below or to download visit

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