LIVE REVIEW: Queens Of The Stone Age at Forest Hills Stadium 8/12/23

Queens of the Stone Age, QOTSA, in times of new Roman, forest hills stadium

Live Show Review: 10/10 – CLASSIC

Thank the heavens for good weather on the night that the Queens of the Stone Age played in Queens, which Hommes joked on the irony of this during their 17-song career spanning setlist. The group played a theatrical and dynamic set, which mixed incredible showmanship and sexual energy from Hommes and band. The hard-rocking group opened with their biggest hit “No One Knows” and played choice tracks from nearly every album. Homme’s asked the audience to choose between two songs at one point with “made to parade” and “time and place”—the audience chose the former and QOTSA did not disappoint. They played every song with passion and vigor like they had something to prove and they showed NY their unforgettable performance.


  1.   The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
  2.   Smooth Sailing
  3.   My God Is the Sun
  4.   Emotion Sickness
  5.   If I Had a Tail
  6.   I Sat by the Ocean
  7.   Carnavoyeur
  8.   The Way You Used to Do (Preceded by band introductions)
  9.     Made to Parade
    (Josh asked fans to choose… more )
  10.     Better Living Through Chemistry
  11.     Paper Machete
  12.     Make It Wit Chu (with Rolling Stones “Miss You” tag)
  13.     Straight Jacket Fitting
  14.     Little Sister
  15.     Go With the Flow
  16.     A Song for the Dead
    Note: God is in the Radio on the setlist

Check out their single “Paper Machete” below:

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