Love Leads To Burial: Trubdr. Adam Road – “Ain’t No Love”

Trubdr. Adam Road

“Ain’t No Love”

Listen to that voice!  Choked with emotion, singing about the ups and downs (mainly downs) of love, including, as the video demonstrates, how love can end by burying you alive, actually digging the grave itself. Troubadour Adam Road is an LA-based musician whose music channels harmonic and rhythmic sounds of flamenco style guitar with a mix of indie, folk, rock, and gypsy blues. Born in Colorado, Adam started writing and playing music from the moment he picked up a pen. Adam moved to New York City where he started his music career jamming with a friend on a park bench. This led the two of them to become street performers and forming the band, City of the Sun.  Then song is particularly a great showcase for his talent;  the great guitars, the almost acapella midsections, the heights and lows of the music, while keeping the rhythm going and advancing the narrative.  It’s so nice to hear a true blues-based singer out there.

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