Meeting Death Head-on: Heaven’s Jail – “Widow’s Work”

heaven's jail 2

Heaven’s Jail

“Widow’s Work”

Widow’s Work

Heaven’s Jail is a strong, rock ‘n’ roll band with roots in bands like Social Distortion and their hero, Willie Nelson.  The interplay between guitar and bass is amazing and adds quite an interesting depth.  The video is creepy:  to me it seems like a visit to an inmate through camweb where he tells his listener his story.  Widow’s Work is the new album by Heaven’s Jail. Engineered by Kyle Spence (drums: Harvey Milk, Kurt Vile) it’s a sustained work of grief that examines how death rides up on you from different angles over your lifetime, only to pass you by, take somebody close to you, drive you down a little more every time. This is what a good rock band does about everything dying around them: It doesn’t look away. It knows what it’s up against, and gets back to it.  No doubt that Heaven’s Jail never blink when they look at anything.  This is a band who takes life right on and rocks on.


01. Widow’s Work
02. Cleopatra
03. Dance For Me
04. Suzerain
05. Cannibal Zero
06. Warbirds
07. Paris TX / Paris FR
08. Heart To Love
09. Hangman Jack
10. Dead Band Rocking

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