Moody Yet Beauty: Haunted Summer – “The Woods”

Haunted Summer

“The Woods”

What a beautiful song, with an other-worldly video to go along with it.  This duo has this interesting way of expressing back to nature but being worldly at the same time.  Consisting of husband-and-wife Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, who share songwriting duties in a true collaboration, the Highland Park duo has been since 2012 when friends caught them playing and told them, you guys have something great there; keep on doing it.  Thank the goddess they decided to do so.  I love this part of their bio:

As Moody wails and Seasons gently harmonizes behind her over twinkling synths and processed guitar, you can sense the audience holding their breath as the band was born. The songs of Haunted Summer are dreamy and hypnotic, rich with orchestral strings and sultry electronic textures. With their previous EP, Something in the Water, the group crafted a captivating, ethereal musical journey through a nostalgic world of young love and long-forgotten memories.

This is tremendous music.  Listen to them.  They are a music genre of their own.

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