Music At War: M.I.A. – “Broader Than A Border”



“Broader Than A Border”

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Probably one of the most controversial musician in the entire world, M.I.A. is easily one of the greatest musicians around now.  Her work is extremely powerful yet very disturbing, but remember, her Tamil culture is under attack by the Sri Lankan government and she has a legitimate ax to grind.  But, she is so fucking great.  The only band I can compare her to is Die Antwoord.  She has that same appeal and similar voice to Yolandi, but while Die Antwoord is mostly for fun (though they can be serious if needed), M.I.A. is very serious.  This is a war she’s fighting, and she might as well be on the front lines.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with her or not:  I just want you to listen to perhaps the best rapper of our time.


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