Music For The Gods: Keep Shelly In Athens – “Leave In Silence”

Keep Shelly In Athens

“Leave In Silence”


Greece’s best ambient/electronica band is releasing a new album, and it certainly is some of the most beautiful music ever.  Made up of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell and based in Athens, of course, this is the type of music I believe the Olympic goods with their gladness, sadness, and madness listened to.  Apollo would listen to Keep Shelly In Athens after the death of Hyacinth, while Artemis would listen to them after she put Orion in the sky, or when she was betrayed.  This is music makes you glad to be sad.  Perfect for your next bacchanalian.  I love this duo.  Bell’s voice is so beautiful and plaintive.  Listen to Keep Shelly In Athens on a warm summer afternoon or a cool autumn evening under a full moon, think of the sorrows of the gods and your own, and realize that sorrow is temporary, but beauty lasts forever.

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