Music For Thought: St. Lenox – “Conspiracy Theories”


St. Lennox

“Conspiracy Theories”

Ten Hymns From My American Gothic

Andrew Choi is not an artist who veers away from a subject because it happens to raise hackles on some people.  According to Choi, his new album as St. Lenox is about the following:

    “This year is my father’s 70th birthday and I wanted to illustrate my American experience as a second generation Korean-American. That’s the first half of the album, which I call ‘Domestic and Regional Politics’. On the second half of the album, which I call ‘International Relations’, the songs actually address my parents and are based on my relationship with them,” says Choi.

This is mature music by a mature artist dealing with mature themes who just happens to be an excellent tunesmith.  In other words, you can sing along and dance while you think.  Definitely watch this video and pay attention to the message it shares.  I can’t describe it properly myself.  Just to say, St. Lenox is the real deal.

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