Music To Put Your Fangs In: Bill & Murray – “Bored”

Bill & Murray

Bill & Murray


A New Kind Of High

Bored?  Hell no.  Bill & Murray, a trio from Tel Aviv, are anything but.  At least, I most certainly am not bored.  This is one of the hardest, punkiest song I’ve heard for a while, in that cool My Bloody Valentine vein.  Bill & Murray started as an experimental collaboration between David Blau (guitar and vocals) and Stella Gotshtein (keyboard and vocals). They quickly turned into an active, performing and recording band, with Ran Jacobovitz joining the lineup on drums in 2013.  Bill &  Murray have fun with their videos, but are serious about their music.  They have this sound that is so dense, you could cut it with your fangs (HEHEHE).  And the video fits the song so well.  Bill & Murray deliver all the right punches. This is the future sound of lo-fi punk, and I am on the bandwagon.

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