Music To Swoon By: Living Hour – “Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles”

Living Hour

“Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles”

Lovely, Lonely: A Collection Of Covers For Hollow Hearts

What a great collection of covers.  Any band that covers Nico, Avi Buffalo, The Ink Spots, and Françoise Hardy, and does them this well, AND makes the songs their own, it is difficult not to love, and there is a lot to love about Living Hour.  That voice for one:  Sam Sarty has a voice that you swoon over.  Her cover of a Françoise Hardy song is perfect, and it is so wonderful that the French crooners of the 60’s are finally given their due.  Sometimes referred to as the Winnipeg Couteau Twins, Living Hour does Dream Pop better than any out there now.  As their bio says:

Sink into the drowsy guitars and blissful, washed-out textures of Winnipeg’s Living Hour. The band made up of dream-pop revivalists’ atmospheric and pillowy melodies are coloured by psychedelic accents and the enthralling coos of vocalist Sam Sarty. Brushed-Snare Beats, droning reverberations, and wobbly romanticism conjure up a tranquil and exploratory state of mind.

Beautiful music.  A must listen.

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