My Favorite: The Prids – “Lie Here”

Photo credit: Matt Ridenour

The Prids

“Lie Here”

Do I Look Like I’m In Love?

I’m telling you again: THE PRIDS ARE THE BAND.  Get their album.  Come on, I’ve told you before.  The video for “Lie There” is just perfect for their music; fun, moving, amazing.  Seriously, I love this band so much.  I can’t say anything else, just jump on this bandwagon.  This is the band of the future.  (And, they are as cool as hell.)

Do I Look Like I’m In Love? – TRACKLISTING
01. Summer Cult
02. Elizabeth Ann
03. Do I Look Like I’m In Love?
04. Lie Here
05. Haunted
06. English Treasure
07. Mangled Hearts
08. Colliding
09. The Shape
10. I Remember Everything
11. Valley Saints

Every song is a winner.  Buy it NOW.  Did I say, I love this band.

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