Mystery: CZARINA – “Silence & Substance”


“Silence & Surrender”

CZARINA has been called “David Bowie and Siouxie Sioux’s secret love child,” and the label really fits.  She’s mysterious, sexy, talented, and has this other worldly appeal combined with that goth mystique that is so missing in music today.  CZARINA has an incredible voice, and her image has been shaped to resemble Bowie meeting John Carpenter with that touch of Asian expression.  “Silence & Surrender” is a mini-movie in itself.  This is an amazing song.  As her bio states:

C Z A R I N A ‘s stunning triple-header performance and powerful directorial narrative follows a dark allegory and psychological tale of a bright star retransformed in the shadows. With the artist’s signature smokey, neon-lit tech noir backdrop that blurs the lines between the old world and the distopian future, this rich provocative short borrows from Asian folklore and European mythology to transport viewers into a dark underground world only to resurface gasping for air. “Silence & Surrender” by C Z A R I N A is a musical and visual commentary on the darker shades behind the luminous glamour we see today. Directed by the artist herself, the film is a lush cinematic experience that combines the romantic mood and vibe of Wong Kar Wai with John Carpenter’s retro-futurism and Lars Von Trier’s psychological and emotional thriller.

No matter your tastes, CZARINA has something for you;  sex, terror, mystery, adventure, everything that is out of the ordinary.  Buckle up for the ride of your life.

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