Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo + Mac DeMarco share “Nudista Mundial”

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Alan Palomo, the auteur musician/producer behind the long-running avant pop project Neon Indian, has shared “Nudista Mundial ’89,” his first release under his own name. Palomo brought the song to fruition at Mac Demarco’s studio (who also features on the recording) upon learning that he had some key pieces of gear that would help manifest the sun-bleached, funky electro-pop earworm. “While working on a few tunes, I was trying to get a hold of this certain piano,” Palomo explains. “My keyboard player told me Mac had one at his studio so I hit him up. And on one breezy day in May, we sang a duet about two guys going to a nude beach together in Ibiza.”

The song’s absurdist narrative is further brought to life in the accompanying video that Alan wrote and directed. Animated by Johnny Woods in the style of the 80’s adult computer game Leisure Suit Larry, Palomo and Demarco arrive in Ibiza and engage in a quest to locate a nude beach party, with no shortage of uncanny distractions along the way, including a mushroom cloud comedian bombing at a nightclub and a drug lord’s blood-hungry panther staked out in their hotel room.

“Nudista Mundial ’89” is Palomo’s first release since 2019’s “Toyota Man” and marks the start of a new era that will unfold in the coming months.

Watch “Nudista Mundial ’89” video below:

Alan Palomo DJ dates

June 3 2023 – Pasadena CA – Summer Sound at One Colorado

June 25 2023 – Houston TX – Sound Waves at El Segundo Swim Club

August 20 2023 – San Francisco CA – Stem Grove Festival with Flaming Lips

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