Owls – jagged jazzy future


“I’m Surprised…”


“I’m Surprised…” is that jagged piece of music genius for which the world has been waiting for over a decade.  Although it’s been 13 years since their last record, Owls still has the futuristic sound that is very much their own.  It is a great, aggressive, ballsy sound with strong beats and movement and great, crashing guitars, all a little off the beaten path.  The members of Owls have been playing in a multitude of bands, both together and separately, but never do they sound like they do when they are Owls.  Some of the other bands the members have been in include Owen, Joan of Arc, and Cap’n Jazz.  This is definitely an album that has been worth the wait.  The jagged edge almost reminds the listener of a chain saw as played by a jazzy, more intense XTC. LISTEN TO THIS.



Owls – “I’m Surprised…”

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