Pandemonium’s Anthem: The New Tarot – “Stella”

the new tarot

The New Tarot



Any video that gives production credit to the devil has to attract my attention.  And the new video form The New Tarot really pushes the creepy, Halloween (the movie), buttons.  What an interesting choice for a video, but it does fit the song so well.  This is a post-genre indie alternative band that was born out of the heat of the great cosmic explosion (just like everything else) and based out of Brooklyn, NY (just like, well, everything else.) The project is fronted by the spooky and sweet Walker sisters, Monika (vocals/guitar) and Karen (vocals/keyboard). “The New Tarot” (or just “TNT”) seemed to form itself around the siblings, and their dreams to combine Machines, Magick and Music began to grow with them. Soon enough, they had convinced three amazing musicians to join their cause; Chas Langston (celebrated British drummer), Beth Callen (coolest-ever lead guitarist, who doubles as Slash in Guns n’Roses Cover band) and Dave Kahn (bassist whose own prog-rock band “Wahrus” is making waves themselves).

The New Tarot are a band that could have come from only two places: New York City or Pandemonium.  If Hell had a sound, The New Tarot would be performing on them.  They delve into the dark parts of the soul, playing with the ideas of harmony between ourselves and the universe, and how we are basically dark, though not evil, creatures.  The New Tarot scare me, because they are we, the sisters see what we really are.  I love dark introspection.

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