Pastoral Rock: Gracie and Rachel – “Tiptoe”

gracie and rachel

Gracie and Rachel



The duo of Gracie and Rachel are perfect examples of how minimalism can be so complex.  The Bay Area natives, Gracie (Coates, piano, vocals) and Rachel (Ruggles, violin), come together to make songs of intense emotions.  As the duo’s press says:

The duo’s forthcoming debut album, GO, is a penetrating record about questioning realities, anxious introspection, and self-exploration, which flows freely between virtuosic violin textures to sylphlike melodies, highlighting uniquely stimulating songwriting.

God, I wish I had thought of the word sylphlike.  It is slender and graceful music, very pastoral.  I can picture Artemis and Pan listening to Gracie and Rachel in the middle of a middle of a forest glen surrounded by fauns and unicorns and nymphs.  Think Joanna Newsome without the long story plots.  Definitely worthwhile putting on your iPod and listening to repeat.

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