Ladies Of The Night: Pearl – “Turnin’ Tricks”

Photo Cred: Cameron McCool

Photo Cred: Cameron McCool


“Turnin’ Tricks”


Since Lydia Lunch and Lou Reed, musicians have tried to show the seedier side of “independence” on the mean streets of western countries.  “Turnin’ Tricks” by Pearl is a tremendous song/video which follows the typical evening of “the ladies of the night.”  Pearl is a project from White Room Records founder singer/songwriter/producer JMSN. Pearl is a creative outlet, a home for ideas, sounds, and emotions that stretch beyond the bounds of JMSN.  It’s a side-project started in order to have another creative outlet besides JMSN”. “White Room Records is about freedom. Being what you want to be.”  The second album from Pearl, entitled Closer, will be released on August 30, 2016. The first single from Closer, “Turnin’ Tricks,” features a sultry vocal delivery from up-and-comer Alexa Demie.  This is a beautiful song about a side of life most of us can not even imagine.

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