Perfect Pop: Brian Eno – “Fickle Sun (III) I’m Set Free”


brian eno

Photo: Shamil Tanna, 2016

Brian Eno

“Fickle Sun (III) I’m Set Free”

The Ship

The greatest producer (without out a doubt) and one of the greatest artist has a new album out.  As usual, the music is super-impressive, and all the art work involved is perfect.  Eno’s cover of the Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free” is absolutely beautiful.  Listen to it here.  I can’t help but think this might be his tribute to his friend, David Bowie, who is now free from this earthly coil.  Whatever, this song is a perfect example of Eno’s tremendous pop sensibility.

“We have more than we deserve or can defend”

As Eno says:

 “The first time I ever heard [The Velvet Underground] was on a John Peel radio show… it was when their first album came out and I thought “This I like! This I want to know about!”. I was having a huge crisis at the time. Am I going to be a painter or am I somehow going to get into music. And I couldn’t play anything so music was the less obvious choice. Then, when I heard The Velvet Underground I thought, “you can do both actually”. It was a big moment for me.”

We as music listeners should be thankful for the fact that Eno chose art AND music.  Thank you so much.

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