Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters “Is This The Life We Really Want?”

Roger Waters, Is This The Life We Really Want, Pink Floyd, rock

Roger Waters has produced the closest thing we will get to a post-Pink Floyd record with “Is This The Life We Really Want?” This is a mammoth record that soars with an array of electronics, layered vocals, random-sampled commentary, acoustic guitars, smooth beats, and pianos. This is simply one of the finest albums produced this year so far.

The lyrics are charged with political protest that we’re familiar with on later Pink Floyd albums (i.e. The Wall, Animals). At times the album closely resembles songs on Animals but remains it’s own original piece. I mean, how could the man that created some of the greatest music ever not at times sound like, well, HIMSELF? “Picture That” has a similar build up to ‘Sheep’ and “Smell The Roses” has a similar feel to ‘Have A Cigar’. I am telling you, when you listen to these (play them loud) it will literally send chills up your spine!

This is the music we have been waiting to hear from Roger Waters and now we have an album worth of absolutely stunning material that will inevitably become timeless.


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