Playful Obsession?: Levy and The Oaks – “Obsessive Love”

Levy And The Oaks

“Obsessive Love”

Sound Of The City

What a great catchy song about obsession.  Coming from Asbury Park (yes, it’s the water), Levy and The Oaks is made up of LEVY OKUN// lead vocals, guitar, piano; LOU PANICO// vocals, bass, percussion; and CHRIS COLON// lead guitar, lap steel, vocals.  This trio is tremendous melodic, and you’ll be obsessed with singing along with this great tune.  I love this bio of them:

Elevating their musical narrative with vocal harmony, memorable hooks, and precision songwriting, LATO’s forthcoming “Sound of the City”  EP takes audiences on a thoughtful coming to age journey through modern (and sometimes, not so modern) social commentary. Levy and The Oaks have established themselves as chameleons of the Asbury music scene, fitting in with a variety of acts and genres, able to adapt to their surroundings and deliver top-tier memorable performances regardless of bill.

What a great band.  And this is the best song of obsession since The Police “Every Step You Take”, but more fun and much less creepy.  This is a great band.  Live, they will blow you away.

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