Pop Gets Political: Aria Wunderland – “Coup D’Etat”

Aria Wunderland

“Coup D’etat”

WOW.  You want a kick in the ass.  Aria Wunderland delivers.  The way I would describe her is, imagine in Lana del Rey decided to get political, down and dirty political.  That describes Wunderland.  Aria Wunderland grew up in NYC’s upper west side, then moving to Teaneck, NJ where she found herself drawn to songwriting and the piano at the young age of 9. Staying close to the city (and the piano!) through college, Aria studied philosophy at Rutgers, routinely commuting into the city to record her first EP.  There she must have learned politics too.  This is one of the sexiest sounding while kick ass political statement.  This is take no holds.  I love it.  Wunderland does it so well, though it is scary how correct she is.  Keep up the fight.

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