Post Punk Gold: Ward – “Sober”



What a tremendously poppy song about a serious subject.  Ward, which consists of Chris Gongora – Bass; Ryan Dietzenbach – Drums; Mauricio Munguia – Guitar; Ward – Guitar, Vocals, is a great song with that great chorus, “I’ve Never been lower since I’ve been sober, Never felt lower since I’ve been down”.  Honestly, you’ll be running around singing this song, it is so damned catchy.  And the video is a perfect companion to this song.  This is dark, post punk the way it should sound.  Ward’s voice is fantastic.  I love this bit from Ward’s bio:

On the stage and in the studio, his band delivers an uncanny blend of modern rock, Madchester shoegazing and classic post-punk, creating the perfect platform for Ward’s broad and passionate vocals to connect with his audience.

All I know is, everything that Ward puts his hand to is pure gold, and “Sober” might be the best.

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