Post Punk Recovery: Reason/Define – “Pointing Fingers”


“Pointing Fingers”

What a kick as post-punk, hard rock song with headbanging and moshing, Reason/Define have taken Lita Ford’s ass-kicking a step forward.  Coming from Charlotte, Reason/Define is comprised of lead vocalist Paolina Massaro; bassist and vocalist Caitlin Rutkowski; guitarist and vocalist Sav Ruff; drummer Syd McVicker; and guitarist Shelby McVicker. Their three part harmonies towering over the incredible power of the band is heaven for a punk like me.  And their lyrics are so Alanis Morissette with more power and focus.  Just read these powerful lyrics:

“Are you aware, you put the cross on me to bear, my heart a gilded cage, from which I will escape, I won’t accept the silence, your words like puppet strings, but you won’t clip these wings, the truth is on the horizon.”

The anger and power of Reason/Define is refreshing.  This is a band to watch.

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