Post Punk: Tennis System – “Clearer”

Tennis System



Post punk with real snotty attitude, not fake, that’s what I crave.  And Tennis System satisfies that crave.  This LA post punk/shoegaze band does NOT suffer from what I call the ‘rich boy blues’.  These guys are true to their music.  Having fun, being semi-deep, playing great music, that’s what post punk should be and is with Tennis System.  I love how dark they can be.  We can all identify with this band. Tennis System is Matty Taylor – vocals, guitar; ​Sam Glassberg – bass; and Garren Orr – drums.  This is the band for your cruising in your car (did you guys still do that?) TURN IT UP. Check out these great lyrics too.

Where do I go from here?

I just want to disappear

How can I be more clear?

It gets worse with every year


Seasons change

I stayed the same


Sometimes I just let it slide

It gets dark, but it stays inside

If you ask, I’ll say I’m fine

One day I’ll swallow my pride


Seasons change

I stayed the same

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