Power Pop, T-Rex Style: Spook School – “Burn Masculinity”

spook school

Spook School

“Burn Masculinity”

Try To Be Hopeful

I love this band.  I know, I’ve said this before and will say it again, but very few of the bands do I love like a love Spook School.  There is a playfulness in their music that is missing in so many bands, yet they also kick ass at the same time.  The Spook School are Anna Cory (bass and vocals), Adam Todd(guitar and vocals), Nye Todd (guitar and vocals) and Niall McCamley(drums). Citing influences including Buzzcocks, T-Rex and the noisier end of C86, the new album is louder, bolder, fuller-sounding and captures more of their live sound—aided and abetted by producer MJ of Hookworms.  In fact, it is the T-Rex sound of the Spook School makes them so much fun.  Mark Bolan would love The opening track, “Burn Masculinity”, and it’s empowering anthem for our time that challenges male privilege.  This is a great band to dance to, to empower the powerless, to learn.  Great job.

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