Power Trio: The Duskwhales – “Slow Down, Jerusalem”

The Duskwhales

“Slow Down, Jerusalem”

Sorrowful Mysteries

Coming from Manassas, VA, this powerful trio has marched into the rock world with some powerful music.  Sometimes sounding Doorish, maybe Beatlesque, but maybe more like the Zombies, this trio, composed of Seth Flynn, Chris Baker, and Brian Majewski are turning the music busy on its ear with a sound that is 60’s-like, but so now it’s scary.  This is great music guys.  The harmonies are wonderful, the drumming complex but not overwhelming, the organ has that Jon Lord/Ray Manzarek sound (I love the Wurlitzer sound) ((also, the organ riffs are magnificent)), and the guitar is prominent, steady, without becoming pretentious.  What a band, they make you long for spring.  Imagine driving with “Slow Down, Jerusalem” blaring from your radio.  Everyone will love you.

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