Power Unleashed: The Joy Formidable – “The Better Me”

The Joy Formidable

“The Better Me”


Wow, this is not your normal rock/pop/anything song.  This is in a category all its own.  The Joy Formidable is Ritzy – Vocals / guitars;
Rhydian – Bass; and Matt – Drums.  Ritzy’s voice is sweet and kind sounding, until her guitar takes over and these sound crawl out of them making you ask yourself, this is a better me?  It damn sure is.  Ritzy can make her guitar sing and scream at the same time, while Rhydian and Matt keep the song moving on.  This is great music.  The Joy Formidable knocked me on my ass, and I bet they will do the same to you.  Comparisons?  There are none.  Oh yeah, they’re Welsh, if that explains anything.

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