Psych Pop: The Auras – “Sure Shot”


The Auras

“Sure Shot”

Saturn Day

This song is so tremendously catchy.  The first hook is so infectious, it sticks with you.  I love it.  It is so psychedelic.   The Auras were formed in 2008, by longtime friends, Aaron McCoy (drums), Hank Van Harten (bass, vocals), David Zboch Alves (Keyboards, vocals), Peter Dasilva (guitar, vocals), Robb Schaede (guitar and vocals) and Dallas Wheeler (guitar, vocals).  And they merge together so well.  What a great band.

Exclaim! magazine described the track as “a bright and bubbly pop tune with chiming garage-pop guitar tones, a spaced-out solo and reverb-flecked psych harmonies.”  I couldn’t describe their sound better than that.  What a great band.  They remind me of the Electric Prunes or 13th Floor Elevator.  We need more harmonic bands like The Auras.  Harmonies combined with garage sounds and poppy music makes my day anytime.  Thanks guys.  Keep it up.  

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