Psychedelia For The Ages: The Auras – “I Don’t Wanna Know You”

the auras

The Auras

“I Don’t Wanna Know You”

Saturn Day

Toronto-based psychedelic pop band, The Auras, release the music video for their new single, “I Don’t Wanna Know You.” The track comes from the band’s forthcoming EP, Saturn Day, slated for release this January. The Auras were formed in 2008, by longtime friends, Aaron McCoy (drums), Hank Van Harten (bass, vocals), David Zboch Alves (Keyboards, vocals), Peter Dasilva (guitar, vocals), Robb Schaede (guitar and vocals) and Dallas Wheeler (guitar, vocals). The Auras sound like they came out of the Manchester rave scene that produced Blur and Happy Mondays.  I love this style.  The Auras are a great band, all fuzz and psychedelia, the type of music to dance to all night long.  I believe this band deserves to be listened to.  As I said, Happy Mondays are one of my favorite bands ever.  Now The Auras are also one of my favorite bands.  Step On.

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