Psychedelic Dance: Jonny Kosmo – “Strawberry Vision” (feat. KC Rabbit)

Joseph McMurray

Jonny Kosmo

“Strawberry Vision” (feat. KC Rabbit)

Jonny Kosmo

One of the true psychedelic pop-synth leaders out there, Jonny Kosmo combines the fun dance sound of Deee-Lite with musical theatre to create something unique and so interesting.  As his bio says:

Kosmo’s solo debut demonstrates the dynamic hues and shapes his songwriting takes. The LP sees the invitation of funk/r&b idol Aldous RH, drummer Miles Wintner (Ian Sweet), synth-genius Tomas Dolas (Mr. Elevator/Thee Oh Sees), as well as a collaboration with Kassie Carlson (Guerilla Toss). Self-titled release Jonny Kosmo leaves the listener in soundscapes of wonderment and honeyed possibility.

I’ve been dancing around the house with this great music.  Jonny is a genius: one of the last true hippies out there.  Thank you, sir.  This is want I needed.

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