Psychedelic Fun: Guerilla Toss – “Meterological”

Guerilla Toss


Twisted Crystal

Guerilla Toss dropped their insanely crazy new album on September 14, and it’s amazing.  Imagine if Deee-Light and Art of Noise took acid together and created music; that is Guerilla Toss.  Fun, psychedelic, danceable, all fun.  Comprised of Kassie Carlson (v), Peter Negroponte (d, production), Arian Shafiee (g), Sam Lisabeth (k), and Stephen Cooper (b), Guerilla Toss make music that is indescribable.  Honestly, one listen, and if you’re not dancing around, I will buy you a Dire Straits single.  Also, they released a mix of the artists that influenced them.  That link is also listed below.  It’s called Bleep Mix #40, and it runs the gamut from Serge Gainsborough to Aretha Franklin to the Clash.  Check it out.

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