Punk Blues: Shotgun Sawyer – “You Got To Run”

Shotgun Sawyer

“You Got To Run”


Picture, if you will, if Robin Trower were a punk, or if, out of the blue, Johnny Thunders decided to play blues rock.  You would get Shotgun Sawyer.  Comprised of Brett (The Butcher) Sanders – Bass Guitar; Dylan Jarman – Vocals and Electric Guitar; and David Lee – Percussion and Beard, these guys kick ass.  They proof the fact that rock n roll ain’t for pussies.  If George Thorogood had more balls, or if Lita Ford had continued punking it out, they MIGHT have been these guys, but I doubt.  This is my new favorite band.  You really gotta listen to these punks, and make sure the music is loud.  This is sweaty, hard drinkin’ punk blues that blister the paint off the wall and make you deaf, but wow, what a way to go. Oh yeah, Muddy Waters would love this band.


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