Punk For Now: the SUCK – “Biff”

the SUCK


From the East Coast comes the juggernaut called the SUCK.  If you like the Ramones and true short, catchy, headbangin’ (for Suzie) punk rock, here it is.  the SUCK is comprised of Band Members:  The Basement – Drums; The Problem – Bass; The Dunk – Guitar; The Alien – Guitar; and
The Cola – Vocals.  And if those aren’t the greatest names since Poly Styrene and Rat Scabies, I don’t know punk (which I do).  We need the SUCK.  It’s amazing; things are so screwed it might as well be the late 70’s and 80’s.  We need this band.  I love these guys.  Here’s to all you punks and geeks.

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